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Nostalgia | A Faint Craving for Small-time Entertainment

A faint and contained nostalgia for small-time fun
Your frail, delicate presence among the lollipops and amusements painted in harsh plastic colors, the dusted taste of sunshine in the swirling crowd
The smell of stark sunshine mingling with the dust stirred by the swirling crowd, the harsh plastic colors, and so on, your frail presence in all this


Connecting the Unrelated

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Connecting the Unrelated, 2019

Indigo traces or creases left on furniture, a sheet of paper, in the space or the mind from a body, a vessel, a plant, a thought or an event

An unexpected guest, a presence that presses, even engrains itself into the patterns of a carefully planned summer afternoon, out of place at first, but finding home eventually

A hint of discomfort and wanting, oddly combined with a sense of reassurance and ease

We can choose from several different strategies of finding order, none of which is perfect, complete, convergent on or compatible with a single coherent structuring scheme

Spare me the reeling geometry, and just give the milky sky

... Ok, some of the both of them is fine

Spare me the reeling geometry, and just give the milky sky 

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