Weather Explorations (2012-2013)

abstract delicate minimal watercolor landscape, earth tones and pastel blue, fragility

blue abstract watercolor seascape, landscape, rothko inspired compoisition

abstract landscape, blue watercolor, geometric and organic compositional elements, rain, skyscape, weather

minimal landscape, watercolor painting, grey hill, nightscape, light, delicacy, minimalism

minimal landscape, waterolor, skyscape, bridge painting, contemporary art

abstract landscape painting, seascape, hills, minimal composition, sunset, contemporary art

purple abstract landscape, weather, sky, tipping point, art, fine art painting, minimalism

abstract watercolor landscape, weather, contemporary painting, fine art, pink, grey, rain, earth tones, hills, landscape, storm

rain, blue painting, weather, contemporary art, white, monochrome painting

abstract watercolor landscape, deep blue, earth tones, white, indigo